How to Choose the Best Press Re-Loader

How to Choose the Best Press Re-Loader

Hi there, welcome. Today it is a very brief topic you can see sparking on the top. A shooter always has an interest in this topic. He or she may want to press their own ammo to economically stay balanced. I recommend you to go for a wise choice first then you think of a Press re-loader. There are several kinds of Re-loaders are running the show in the market. Firstly, we are long gone to the days where we used to see the handloading and in some cases best single stage reloading press.

The basic kinds of presses available in the market are following-

As I told you earlier that the main and primary task for a beginner re-loader is to choose a single range of caliber so that the set up for a specific press can be done. The basic two variety of re-loading presses are-

i.                   Single Stage Press &

ii.                 Progressive Press.

The other services accordingly tie with the willingness of the shooter. Ammos this days is really good in a lot of selection. But if you want to avoid handloading and think this will make me stuck on something you should not worry about accuracy and should read this article. few people still use 9 mm using hand loads. 40caliber is a different matter, people 10-15 years back used to do this segment by handloading. Few of the shooters hand loads 10 mm still.

                      Available top Presses around the world according to user reviews are-

                      1. Hornady’s Auto-Progressive Reloading Press- ‘Lock N Load’

2. Lee’s Precision Kit II.

3. Lee’s Precision Turret Press Kit.

4. Lee’s Precision Cast Press.

5. RCBS’s Rock Chucker Press.


Few suggestions: Find a bullet that you like and stick with it, you will hate to adjust the seating die for another bullet. When you reload, you have to buy your components like- a couple 100 of bullet cases, bullet cast metal, and powder, brasses, primers. For economical purpose always try to buy these ingredients in bulk. When you are seating the dispensed powder, you will have to set it up loosing around 5-7 rounds of ammo. So, if there is a heavy volume you can buy, you can last longer.


Assemble your ammo: Since this article is providing new re-loaders a basic study material on the buying of Presses in different conditions, I want you to sit back and relax with a Progressive Presser. It’s worth buying, even the process it prepares a bullet into a round of ammo is going to amaze you and you can make rounds of ammo by hours. Thanks for taking a tour through this.