About Us

Established since 1936 in Cairo, in Soliman Pasha Square – Midan Talaat Harb, L’Orientaliste, then named “Au Bouquiniste Oriental” is a real cave for treasure hunters, a shop where browsing finds it’s real meaning. Whether you are a book lover, or an art amateur, or a map collector, or a collector of beautiful oriental items, engravings, post cards, photographs, this is the place you’ll enjoy .

L’Orientaliste is a collection of rare and ancient items, specializing in old books, lithographs and engravings, photos, maps and postcards dating from as far back as the sixteenth century and onwords.

Many of these works were done by those we call the Orientalists. These are people who visited the Orient, and fell for it, so they undertook to describe it in all possible ways; writing, painting, drawing, taking photos, drawing maps.. These people came from various countries of the world.

L’Orientaliste collected since 1936 everything concerning the Orient. And not only the Orient but the whole world. The stock is endless and my prececessor told me he thought he would live to be 200 years, and even then, he would not be able to absorb the whole quantities.

Being French educated, I’m using the French language in my database. Therefore, when searching by subject, please use the French word for it. For example, if you are looking for anything on Turkey, please write in the subject “Turquie”. Good luck with us !


Contact me at orientalistbooks@gmail.com