About Homescapes and the utilization of hacks

About Homescapes and the utilization of hacks

A plethora of mobile games can be found today, and people are hooked to it. Amongst many Gardenscapes was on a unique puzzle type game from Playrix a multinational company based in Russia, and now we have its sequel in the form of Homescapes. It is a new launch of 2017 and people are already hooked to it making it quite popular. We follow the main character Austin throughout the game in his quest to repair the dilapidated house of his parents.

About the game:

  Homescapes • The game is in the form of a match-3 game which is quite popular in the market today. But it doesn’t follow a map; rather it follows a story. Austin, the butler, is our main character, and his aim is to renovate the house. Completion of each stage unlocks another one for the player. • If four or more tiles are matched by a player in a puzzle them, certain power-ups are released which help in a further match of tiles. These power-ups are found in four forms, Rocket, Bomb, Paper Plane and Rainbow Ball. • As you progress the puzzles become more task-oriented where you have to fulfill goals to complete it. These can be removing cherries from jelly or removing blockages. • The stars that are collected in the game by finishing the puzzles will be utilized in renovating the house. You can change as much as you like as you level up in the game. • You can easily connect your game to your Facebook profile. This helps you in earning some extra coins as well as you can show your progress to everybody. You can also invite your friends to play the same game that you are playing.

Usefulness of coin and hack generators:

As you are going through the game, you may notice the need of boosters or even of new furniture. These can be bought inside the game through coins or starts. Coins and starts are in-app purchases that you will need to purchase with real life money. We understand that everybody cannot afford and this is one of the reasons why people abandon their favorite games. But these days you can easily utilize a app store generators to get customized hacks that will give you ample amount of coins and stars to slay the game. They are 100% real and work as you go through the game. You will need to provide your username and email to the site, and they will give you a hack that will work only for you. The hacks will fulfill your need, and you can enjoy the game as much as you like. You can also look for Homescapes cheats around the internet which help you in tackling some of the challenges in the game. Always remember to enjoy the game even if you are playing it with hacks. Use them from time to time to have a good supply of coins with you. The game is quite unique and amazing in its own way for its players to get the most out of it.

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